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Types of Dentures Offered

  Acrylic dentures

  Cast metal or acrylic partial dentures

  Immediate dentures

  Implant retained dentures

  Precision dentures

  Standard dentures

Changes in the Fit of Your Dentures

Whether you have partial or complete dentures, it is possible that over time, changes in your gums and bone may lead to dentures becoming ill-fitting. Adjusting the fit of your dentures may relieve problems such as sores and tooth pain. Count on Brian Butt, Denturist, for proper denture repair and maintenance services. We take the extra step to provide you with easy instructions on how to take care of your dentures at home.

Denture Maintenance Services

At W D Brian Butt Denturist, we offer the following types of denture maintenance services:

  Denture supplies (brushes and cleaners)

  Same-day denture relines


  Soft liner

  Same-day repairs and adjustments

  Instructions for at-home maintenance

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